Thing 21: Online Games

Hour of Code

I went to the Hour of Code website expecting it to be a single tutorial to work through, so I was surprised to find there are nearly 200 different games to choose from. Helpfully they can be filtered by age, experience and technology. I chose Box Island, which is suitable for all ages, and installed it on my Android phone. It was very easy to use and in less than an hour I had completed the levels and was able to download a certificate (admittedly I did play it on the easiest setting!).

My Hour of Code Certificate of Completion

The Hour of Code website was completely new to me and I’m glad to know about it. I was impressed by the number of games and their apparent quality. It’s not directly relevant to my work, but it’s something I might look at again outside of work.

Nobel Prize Games

I also played some of the Nobel Prize games. These have been created to teach about Nobel Prize-awarded achievements. I played Blood Typing, Lord of the Flies and Control of the Cell Cycle. They were interesting – not really applicable to me, but could be useful to educators in the relevant fields. I could see them being used as resources for students studying for GCSEs or A-levels, for example.

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