Thing 23: Reflection

Were there Things that you particularly enjoyed?

This could be a long list as I have enjoyed most of the course, but two things really stand out: Thing 7: Twitter – the Twitter chat was great fun and I have been using Twitter much more regularly since then; and editing Wikipedia (Thing 10) – even though I wrote very little I got a real sense of achievement and the knowledge that it would be possible for me to do more (albeit with a lot of research!). I will look out for another editathon to attend.

Was there a Thing has has either had something in it that surprised you, or one you particularly enjoyed?

Thing 5: Diversity really made me think about white privilege, it was very eye-opening.

Have you been reading the community blogs? How did you find the blogging aspect of the course?

I have read some of the community blogs, especially ones by people who are at roughly the same stage of the course as me. It was interesting and reassuring to see what other people had written about the same Thing.

I was not looking forward to the public blogging aspect of the course, and even considered creating a private Pebblepad blog, but it has been better than I expected. A few people have written comments on my blog posts, which I found really supportive (and probably something that I should have made more effort to do on other people’s blogs). Two things that I have discovered about blogging: You don’t need to write *everything* (I like shorter posts better); and try not rewrite the content too much – it can easily turn into a Sisyphean task, so better just to read it through a couple of times and click Publish.

Did you have any difficulties completing the Things?

Only finding the time to do it. I’m proud that I’ve had the discipline to finish it.

If you were to do a course like this again is there anything you would change, or additional support you would like to see?

I can’t think of anything in particular. I enjoyed being part of a little community and I think that aspect could have been enhanced if there were more people doing the same Thing at the same time and more opportunities for virtual or real-life meet-ups, but then that would make it a different sort of course, and I’ve also enjoyed (and taken advantage of) the freedom to work at my own pace.

If you wrote a blog post at the beginning on what you hoped to gain out of the 23 Things course, looking back on the post do you feel you achieved those goals?

In my first post I wrote:

I hope to find out about digital tools that I haven’t used before (the second half of the course looks especially interesting) and learn a bit more about tools I am already using. I also hope to get a sense of achievement from completing the course, I’ve started a bit late so I’ve got some catching up to do.

These goals have definitely been achieved. I am particularly pleased to have had the opportunity to try out so many new things.

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